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Welcome To Gem Vanity world's leading and reliable Handmade Precious Gemstone Jewellery manufacturer located in Jaipur, India, where you will find Premium Quality Gemstone and Handcrafted Gold Jewelry with prominent customer services. We are customer centric organization and quality, Value and 100% customer satisfaction is backbone of our company and we hold wide verity of 14k gold and one of a Kind Handmade Jewelry so we would like to invite you to checkout our mesmerizing jewelry collection.

We always try to improve our products quality only for our precious customer because customer is most important part of our business and by our customer services departments you got prompt and tactful service and due to this top quality services, our customers visit only our website again and again for buy jewelry because they know Only Gem Vanity are able to provide pure quality jewelry with outstanding customer service.

Sterling silver nine-stone ring

Product Code: SR281

Gorgeous rough stone necklace

Product Code: SN34

Sterling silver moonstone ring

Product Code: SR279

Sterling Silver Coral Bracelet

Product Code: SB48

Sterling silver three stone ring

Product Code: SR277

Sterling silver necklace

Product Code: SN30

Charm sterling silver necklace

Product Code: SN27

Flower amethyst bracelet

Product Code: SB44

Sterling silver charm bracelet

Product Code: SB43

Sterling silver tanzanite earring

Product Code: SE240

Sterling silver disc earring

Product Code: SE243

Sterling silver dangler earring

Product Code: SE239

Sterling silver gemstone earring

Product Code: SE238

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