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Our vast collection of earrings is sure to leave you mesmerized. Be it studs, hops or danglers, Gemvanity has it all in its earrings collection. Intricate finish (sandblasting, hammered, tree bark etc.) and precision setting is our hallmark. We create earrings in various shades of gold and 925 sterling silver.

Sterling silver textured earrings

Product Code: SE264

silver waterfall earrings

Product Code: SE260

silver waterfall earrings

Product Code: SE259

silver tibetan motif earring

Product Code: SE258

sterling silver amethyst earring

Product Code: SE252

Sterling silver earrings

Product Code: SE255

Sterling silver earrings

Product Code: SE254

Sterling silver leaf earrings

Product Code: SE253

Sterling Silver Zig Zag Earring

Product Code: SE250

Sterling silver wavy ruby earring

Product Code: SE247

Sterling silver tanzanite earring

Product Code: SE240

Sterling silver disc earring

Product Code: SE243

Sterling silver dangler earring

Product Code: SE239

Sterling silver gemstone earring

Product Code: SE238

Sterling silver fly earrings

Product Code: SE231

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